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Forget multiple unrelated software applications, clumsy data imports and expensive custom interfaces. Our solutions for Building Service and Security contractors are part of one fully integrated system that leverages shared data from across your organization. It’s business management software that maximizes efficiency, automates operations and drives profitability.

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Accounting and Financial Management

Accounting types often get a bad rap for being boring number-crunchers. Not so with WinTeam’s accounting and financial management tools. Comprehensive financial data from AR/AP to General Ledger, Job Costing and Fixed Assets give you a full picture of your profitability down to the job level. That kind of insight is anything but boring. Since financials are integrated with timekeeping, payroll and other operations data, processes are seamless, efficiency is easy and everyone can look like a rock star.

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Operations Management

Work Scheduling and Personnel Scheduling are the WinTeam workhorses. These modules do the heavy lifting involved in the operations management of contract service-oriented businesses with powerful scheduling tools for both tasks and people. While Work Scheduling was designed for the unique needs of the Building Service industry and likewise with Personnel Scheduling and the Security industry, we’ve seen clients in both industries successfully use the two together to supercharge their operations management.

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Reporting and Analytics

Businesses that can discover, harness and transform data across their organizations can focus on the highest value opportunities, take action and stay competitive. Our reporting and analytics solutions help you reimagine the enormous amount of financial, operations and workforce data in WinTeam and mine it for more value.

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Quality Assurance

There are a number of great quality assurance solutions out there, but none that are a standard part of an integrated financial, operations and workforce management system – except ours. Our Quality Assurance solution enables you to do four things: create flexible question-and-answer templates, collect responses, act on deficiencies and share results. With web- and mobile-based components for employees and customers, your inspections and evaluations are simple to deploy and follow up on, making exceptional customer service a no-brainer.

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Human Resources and Payroll

One system of record for all employee information. End-to-end insurance benefits management and enrollment capabilities. Industry-leading Affordable Care Act compliance tools. Simplified payroll processing with integrated timekeeping, accounts payable, garnishment, compensations, deductions and tax data. Do we have your attention yet?

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Time and Attendance

With several time-capturing options, our time and attendance solution can go practically anywhere and fit any timekeeping needs. Need a simple, automated solution to replace your timesheets? Check. Want biometric verification for high-security work sites? Alright. How about clocking in and out on a mobile phone with geo-location verification? No problem. Do you want your timekeeping data to be tied directly to your payroll and billing software so you can simplify your processes? Done.

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Employee and Customer Self-Service

What’s the easiest way to save thousands on postage and avoid mind-numbing manual processes? Implement an employee and customer self-service solution. Simply offering employee pay stubs and customer invoices through a self-service portal like eHub can make a significant difference in your expenses and use of staff time. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. eHub is available on the web and as a mobile app for Apple and Android devices, so your employees and customers can access the information they need anywhere, any time.

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Bidding and Estimating

Win business by creating accurate, professional proposals with our add-on solution TeamBid. Designed specifically for the Building Service industry, TeamBid enables you to workload, prospect and bid jobs all with a few keystrokes.

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Compliance Management

Companies these days are under a lot of pressure to comply with various regulations from federally mandated requirements to job-site specific prerequisites. We get it, and we’re committed to helping you meet these challenges and reduce your business risk. From the Affordable Care Act, to payroll and sales tax, to employee certifications, our solutions and strategic partnerships have you covered.

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Software as a Service

These days accessing software over the internet is pretty standard. In fact, the concept even has a name: Software as a Service. But when we pioneered this method of delivering our solutions back in 2001, no one else in the industry was doing it. “The cloud” wasn’t common vernacular. And, let’s face it, people thought we were crazy. As it turns out, we were just ahead of our time. We’ve spent the last decade and a half expanding our services and implementing best-of-breed infrastructure at our world-class data center so we can continue to lead the way.

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Pro Services

As a TEAM customer, you know where to go for skilled implementation and training resources or top-notch ongoing support for your TEAM solutions. But do you know where to go for help with challenges that go deeper than the standard how-tos and tactics? You go TEAM Pro.

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Basic and Strategic Integrations

We’ve created standard data exchanges and partnered with best-of-breed software providers to help you maximize your TEAM solutions. These basic and strategic integrations help drive efficiency across your organization.

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