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Timegate Is Global Workforce Management Software for Service Contractors

Timegate is the global workforce management solution purpose-built for cleaning, security and facilities management providers. It’s scalable, best-in-class software that provides business-critical information to help you operate efficiently and improve performance, while reducing cost and risk.

Start with the core Timegate Essentials pack to handle employee and customer information along with time and attendance and schedules. Bolt on additional packs for employee engagement, finance, recruitment, reporting and service as you grow your business.

Timegate helps companies like yours be more profitable and retain more clients. Innovative, versatile and industry-specific, Timegate adds a competitive edge to your business.


Start with the Essentials

Our core system isn’t exactly basic. From simplifying time and attendance, to managing schedules and capitalizing on analytics, the Timegate Essentials pack is a foundational workforce management solution that provides the launch pad for everything your business needs to manage your people, processes and contracts.

Drive Engagement

Your employees are essential. They’re also the face of your company for your customers, so it’s important to keep them engaged, happy and productive. Timegate’s Engagement pack drives more efficient processes through automation, reducing errors and wasted time for your employees. Self-service options help your back-office and front-line employees collaborate and execute more effectively. That can have a significant increase in employee satisfaction which leads to better service delivery and happy customers.


Recruit the Best by Being the Best

To optimize your workforce management processes from end-to-end, start at the beginning. Timegate’s Recruit pack helps you cut waste from your hiring processes by automating forms, integrating appropriate data and filtering out unqualified applicants so you can spend more time vetting potential employees who fit the bill.

Sound Financials, Peace of Mind

Designed to help control costs and reduce manual processes, the Timegate Finance pack is key to crucial processes like invoicing, billing and payroll. With data updated in real-time, you can rest easy knowing your financial processes are robust and reliable.


Do More with Business Intelligence

The Timegate Insights pack uses your business data to provide you unmatched visibility on your results. From compliance to financial performance to virtually any other aspect of your business, you can make a data-driven decision. Combined with extensive, standard reporting, in-app intelligence and analytical functions, your business can achieve a competitive advantage.

Unrivalled Service Experience

A digitized workforce is a productive and efficient workforce. With Timegate’s Service pack, you can connect every employee to every promise and every contract commitment you have to deliver service intelligently, efficiently and effectively.


When We Say Global, We Mean It

Customers worldwide use Timegate, from global giants to local clients, all of whom leverage tools to keep back-offices connected with their front-line employees — and their customers — anywhere, all the time.

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Support Your Workforce’s Financial Security

Help your workforce stay financially healthy by integrating Wagestream with Timegate. Wagestream is a third-party partner for income streaming. Employees can track their wages and access their earnings when they need it, instead of waiting out a traditional pay cycle. Benefits for you include a less-stressed workforce, increased shift fills and reductions in overtime.

“Being able to show that we’re on the forefront of innovation and bringing in new ideas, new methods, new tools [with Timegate] is absolutely critical to being able to give that added value our customers want.”

Simon Giles, Group Finance Director & COO
AXIS-Cleaning & Support Services | United Kingdom

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