How Mobile Software Improves Your Workforce Communication

Security guard management software can improve your field-to-office communication — and your company.

When it comes to communicating on the job, you need software and operations technology that’s tailored to the specific needs of your security company. You’re tasked with staying on top of changing rotations and site assignments, maintaining updated compliance and reporting standards, and accommodating fluctuations in demand from your customers.

To manage all of that, your guards need access to real-time information and statuses, and your back-office managers and field supervisors need to be able to send out individual and mass communications quickly and with the assurance they’re getting to the right people at the right time. But effective communication goes above and beyond serving your customers and keeping your staff safe and in-the-know. When employees have the tools and services they need to be successful on the job, your communication strategies also benefit your company’s growth and bottom line.

User Friendly Communication Systems

When your guards can’t be together in one location, making sure they have access to necessary information wherever they are can make them feel connected and, in turn, empowered to do more. Holistic security guard management software that connects your company end-to-end, combined with employee self-service options, moves your company forward by transferring slow, manual and pen-and-paper processes into digital ones across user-friendly interfaces with quick and efficient mobile processes.

Streamlined Time and Attendance and Payroll Processes

When your time and attendance is a stand-alone process, you end up spending more time on redundant data entry than if you integrated your timekeeping information with your operations and workforce management solution. Automated processes also better control your labor costs because you can easily identify over-budget jobs. A mobile-based payroll system combined with your payroll automation software also eliminates common payday headaches. Your guards can access their time-keeping records and paystubs no matter where they are.

The Right Functionality to the Right Role

Software that allows for customer functionality based on user role can make the process of onboarding and adoption easier for your employees. After all, a software system can only be effective if everyone is willing to use it. Provide managers with the things they need to do their jobs like managing and monitoring timekeeping, scheduling and human resource functions and reports. Provide guards with schedules and calendars, personal information review, benefit information and pay stubs.

With security officers being responsible for the health and well-being of a customer and their assets —now more than ever — businesses need security contractors who operate with proven and effective communication methods. Learn how one TEAM improved their communication processes with their guards in our latest case study.