Questions not to ask in an interview

Sometimes, despite the best intentions, interview questions can enter into gray areas around equal employment laws, especially when it comes to hiring for the security and cleaning industries.

Interviewing and screening job applicants carries a high amount of legal risk for any industry. In high-turnover industries such as commercial cleaning or contract security, this risk is increased. Not only are a higher percentage of applicants among protected classes, high-turnover industries hire at large volumes. This creates a double whammy of added risk, and you should be evaluating your hiring process with great caution.

Most of the time, organizations have no issue and happily abide by equal employment laws. But sometimes, lines of questioning in the pre-hire process can enter into gray areas around these laws, placing your company at risk of tedious and expensive litigation. however innocent your intent may be.

Below is a chart from Affinity HR, detailing questions not to ask in an interview and alternative questions that provide an acceptable way of rephrasing while receiving the same information.

Questions not to ask in an interview

There are many ways to creatively ask questions that will provide you with all the information you need about a prospective candidate. We highly recommend making sure all of your hiring managers have a vetted plan beforehand and never enter an interview without written, pre-approved questions.