Spring Hiring Trends by the Numbers

The pandemic may be coming to a close, but challenges surrounding security and cleaning hiring trends are just getting started.

Hiring has been very difficult lately, as you’re likely well aware. It’s become such a challenge, in fact, that it’s a major discussion in the national media.  While most of the chatter centers around increased federal benefits and their effect on would-be job seekers in the general labor pool, the impact on commercial cleaners and contract security continues to be monumental. Our clients are reporting strong demand for services but facing massive challenges supplying the labor. Let’s take a look at hiring and applicant trends for our industries over the past few months to get a better understanding of the impact.

Hiring by Month

Guard hiring was strongest this past March and continued strong in April, while May to date has dipped.  Overall, hiring for April 2021 was up 62% year over year.

Guarding – Monthly Hiring

Cleaning hiring trends have been very similar to contract security, with lower hiring over the winter and an increase in March.  April hiring was up 58% year-over-year.

Cleaning – Monthly Hiring

Applicant Volume Challenges

While our clients are seeing increased demand and hiring has been on the upswing, finding applicants continues to be a challenge. With a decreased pool of applicants, coupled with increased demand, each position has a much smaller pool of candidates. Just like sellers in the housing market, employees have the upper hand in job the job search.

April applicant volume was down ~15% year over year.  As we’ve reported before, the job applicant market has several hurdles right now including increased unemployment benefits, lack of childcare, job board policies, and more. The good news? Clients in states no longer offering the additional federal $300 unemployment subsidy are starting to report an increase in applications.

The decrease in applicants has led to increased competition for sponsoring job postings.  Our clients are having to increase job posting budget to compensate for the decrease in organic applicant volume.  While we don’t have a silver bullet to increase applicant volume, follow our blog for more insight into the hiring markets including insights into specific job boards.