Defining What’s Next – Now

TEAM Software is nacho typical company and celebrates three milestones.

When your company gets a new product line, corporate website, customer help portal and you get nachos — you definitely don’t have a case of the Mondays. TEAM had quite the day as we celebrated the launch of our latest solution — Q by TEAM Software, showcased our new corporate website and debuted our updated customer help portal, the Learning Center.

As a company, TEAM has been modernizing across our business. We’ve focused on defining what’s next and evolving our expertise, products, technology, service and brand to provide value now and well into the future. We’re always striving to do more — it’s even one of our core values — but we never forget to celebrate our successes and recognize people for a job well done. So, with a Qdoba catered lunch and margaritas, we all took the opportunity to share our latest innovations with our fellow coworkers and enjoy the results of our hard work.

Introducing Q by TEAM Software

Q by TEAM Software is the culmination of our technology modernization efforts that’s developed using Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge technology like Azure Functions, CosmosDB, API Management and DevOps, in addition to React and React Native frameworks for web and mobile. Using agile methodologies and the occasional ping pong battle, our development teams in Omaha and across the globe set out to solve problems smaller janitorial and security contractors face. A result of collaboration with product management, design and engineering, Q is an essentials-only application, perfect for a small business owner. As the development progresses and starts to address the challenges our larger customers face, Q is set to become an all-in-one tool set and data hub using the latest transformative technology, like Azure Data Lake and U-SQL.

Refreshed Brand = New Corporate Website

It started back in 2017, when we updated our mission, vision and values to better reflect who we are in the present and where we’re going in the future, with the release of the TEAM Code. Then, in September 2018, we transformed what our brand looks like with a new, modern corporate logo and updated brand elements. And now in 2019, it all comes together on the new corporate website, This new site features playful and colorful graphics as part of a sleek user experience. And, the site is designed with a “create your own path” methodology, so if you’re a potential customer or a potential employee, there’s something made just for you.

Keeping Customer First

One of the things that sets TEAM apart from other software companies is our people-centric approach to business, and our commitment to keep customers first. It’s more than delivering industry-leading software solutions — it’s about providing the best customer experience. And, part of that experience is having access to help resources 24/7. Our modernization efforts went beyond the new product and we updated our online help site to be a comprehensive Learning Center. And, it’s all packaged with a modern look and feel that’s consistent with our refreshed company brand.

Every day can’t be margarita Monday, but it’s not every day we get to celebrate three pretty special milestones of innovation and the people who helped us get there.