How to Use Cleaning Company Software to Create Rinse-and-Repeat Scheduling Processes

Setting up a scheduling framework for your growing cleaning business begins with integrated scheduling software.

The key to staying ahead of your scheduled work, no matter the size of your company or the footprint of your contracts, is to use flexible scheduling software that is as mobile as your field technicians.

What are the first steps to effective scheduling?

First things first. To build (and prioritize) your company’s schedule, you first need to understand what you are contractually obligated to perform. While your locations may differ from residential houses to small office buildings and more, it’s important to gather a comprehensive list of the tasks you’re required to perform at each location and understand the resources needed to complete each task.

Are you looking to add services to your business offerings, or make sure you’re covering the bases of standards within the industry? Here’s a handy list to use as a guide.

Determine scope of work.

Once you have a clear understanding of the type of work your technicians are expected to deliver on site, you should determine the level of work your cleaning company has to output to meet contract expectations.

For example, look at this typical residential cleaning use case:

  • Cleaning Company A is requested by a client to provide a premium house cleaning, involving vacuuming, sweeping and mopping, trash removal, dusting and disinfecting (with special attention dedicated to areas like showers and kitchen appliances).
  • Given current technicians on staff, Cleaning Company A has the bandwidth to provide one and a half hours of cleaning on a given day.
  • After understanding the list of tasks requested and knowing a typical line-item breakdown of resources required to complete this list, you know that your technician will need at least two hours to complete work to satisfaction.

From this example, Cleaning Company A can either counter the request for work to include base services, and add some tasks as add on services to account for added labor hours, or they could schedule work across multiple days. And, with scheduling software with a scheduling app tool, you can make adjustments to their schedule and send those notifications to your technicians while they are onsite or en route. If your cleaners are already on site and a client requests an add-on service, they can easily process that request from the field by adding it to the schedule where the information seamlessly flows into the invoice for billing.

Assigning tasks to cleaners and technicians.

To avoid redundancies or manual error, it’s best to use cleaning company software with scheduling to manage your tasks. Depending on your solution of choice, you can use this tool to build service packages (saving you time if you have service history with an account or are providing commonly bundled cleaning services) and assign jobs to individual workers or teams in seconds. This eliminates the need to manually update spreadsheets or paper scheduling sheets, so you can maximize your staff capacity and bring in more revenue.

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