Managing Your Cleaning Routes for Better Service Delivery

Improve the standards of your cleaning business’s service delivery by finding the right technology to manage your cleaning routes.

As a cleaning contractor, you understand that service delivery is the set of tactics by which you deliver on the service-level agreements (SLAs) outlined in your client contracts. And, you know what the building blocks of centralized service delivery software are and why it’s so important for you to have them. Now you might be wondering how to specifically improve upon your service delivery when it comes to monitoring your cleaning routes and scheduled work. Here are three areas you can expect to see improvement in when you implement the right location tracking software for cleaning schedule management and cleaning route tracking.

Ensure Optimal Delivery of Your SLAs

It’s not a stretch to assume your cleaners are covering a lot of ground across your many contracted locations. And each worksite, whether an office, school, health facility, public transit facility and so on, has its own specific, scheduled cleaning details. When your cleaners are using manual processes to manage and record their work, it’s easy for the correct tasks to be mixed up or accidentally skipped altogether. With mobile-accessible task and scheduled work lists, as well as cleaning route schedules, real-time reporting, and location tracking from your cleaning software, you know exactly which areas are being serviced, and at what frequency, while identifying areas or assignments that are getting missed.

Provide Trusted Proof of Service for Your Clients

It’s not enough that your back office and distributed workforce know the correct scheduled work and routes are being completed. You also have to be able to prove your work to your clients. And, just like pen and paper processes are no way to efficiently and thoroughly manage your tasks and routes, pen and paper also don’t cut it when providing proof of service to your clients. Mobile forms provided through your mobile workforce management software allow your cleaners to document issues as they work and capture rich data like photos, timestamps and locations for reporting and proof of service.

Save Time and Money — and Your Bottomline

With new and increased cleaning procedures and protocols being added seemingly every day, more is being asked of you and your cleaners. You’re working harder than ever to keep your current contracts by ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as trying to win new clients by staying ahead of competing bids from your industry peers. To meet all the needs of your business while remaining profitable, you need to strategically optimize your resources and improve your service quality, while reducing costs. You can do that with industry-specific software built to streamline your cleaning route schedules. Gain operational efficiencies with features like location tracking technologies, workforce communication tools and inspection management.

The challenges your cleaning business face every day won’t be going away, but you can take steps to minimize their impact on your business and improve your overall service delivery.  To read more on the building blocks of service delivery and key aspects to look for in mobile workforce management software solutions, check out our Cleaning Inspection Software Resource Suite.