What to Include in Your RFP Response, Tender or Bid Process to Win More Business

An original eGuide on winning more business in RFP responses, tenders or bid processes

The ability to continually win more business is a crucial KPI for a company’s long-term growth. The problem? In the security and cleaning industries, the company with the lowest price oftentimes earns the contract. Because this is so common, it’s important to pack your proposal, bid or tender with as much value as possible to differentiate your services from subpar competitors. 

The quality of your work matters. It’s what can keep current customers, and even win back business, with who might originally go with a lower bid. And the truth is, you’re already investing a lot in the solutions you use to run your business more efficiently. Why not show your potential clients how that extra investment ensures the quality of your work is unlike anyone else in the mix? 

There are key elements every company should include somewhere within your bid. Depending on your industry of work, these might vary a bit – but we’ve put together this short guide to highlight what you need to add in order to win more business.


Separate yourself from your competition. Download the eGuide to learn about the key elements you should include in your bid.

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