Reward and Recognize a Job Well Done

It’s time to recognize another round of Keep. Be. Do. Award winners.

This fall might still look different than we’re used to, but one thing is still the same. Our core values — keep customers first, be accountable and do more — guide our goals and inspire us in our ongoing teamwork here at TEAM Software. That’s why we continue to recognize three employees each quarter who embody our core values with our Keep. Be. Do. Awards.

The Keep. Be. Do. Awards are based on peer nominations, so when someone sees another employee do amazing things, they say something. Here’s a look at our most recent winners and what their coworkers had to say about them.

Keep Customers First | Matt S., Director of Sales – Kwantek

“Matt’s laser focus on customer growth has been exceptional and has not gone unnoticed, especially during a time in which the company is going through a transition. Plus, he’s been a great resource to other employees since Kwantek joined the TEAM family in March to help our clients leverage this new partnership and be even more successful.”

Be Accountable | Carissa G., Senior Product Manager

“Carissa is always looking for new ways to help our customers and to help TEAM. Whether it’s the work she’s done reducing costs while still delivering tools that provide value to our customers or her role with the Customer Advisory Board, she’s committed to helping TEAM succeed now and in the future. She doesn’t shy away from asking questions and learning new ways to help our customers and make our products even better.”

Do More | Megan H., Enterprise Solutions Manager

“Megan’s done a great job keeping our CRM implementation project on track and working to ensure every department has the functionality necessary to do our jobs effectively. Bringing together processes from three companies into one standard process and managing meetings with 20+ attendees, all with different opinions and thoughts can be challenging but she’s really done a great job of managing it all. In reality, her work has represented aspects of all three of our values. She has been the definition of a rock star.”