The Benefits of Recruiting Software for Small Business

Small businesses face a unique set of challenges when it comes to recruiting and hiring new employees.

With less resources and manpower of larger companies, recruitment systems and hiring processes can become difficult to manage effectively. This is especially true when small human resource teams are covering multiple duties and responsibilities.

In high-turnover field service industries where annual churn rates can range anywhere from 100-400%, gaps in coverage can affect profitability, service delivery and client relationships.

Using recruiting software, small businesses can streamline the hiring process and improve their chances of finding the right candidate. In doing so, companies can ensure contracts remain fully staffed, improve retention and reduce hiring costs.

How technology can improve the hiring process

Different types of recruiting software – specifically applicant tracking systems (ATS) and onboarding technology – offer a range of tools and features that can help small businesses streamline the hiring process.

These tools can help automate time-consuming tasks, allowing recruiters to focus on the more important aspects of the hiring process. Here are some of the ways that technology can improve the hiring process:

Automated resume screening

Software can be used to automatically screen resumes for relevant keywords and qualifications. With this information, recruiters can quickly identify the most qualified candidates – even if resumes are only partially complete. This can save small businesses a significant amount of time and resources spent sifting through stacks of resumes.

“Before Kwantek, we used paper applications, which was very, very time consuming,” said Triad Service Solutions HR Generalist Nallely Yearwood. “On top of managing paper files and information, I would have to manually transfer all information into an applicant tracking system if a candidate was applying on paper.”

Applicant tracking

Recruiting software can track and organize information related to each candidate. This can include things ranging from their job applications to their interview notes, feedback and applicant status. Combined, this source of truth helps recruiters stay organized and ensure that they are making informed hiring decisions.

Candidate communication

Hiring software for small businesses can be used to improve communication between recruiters and candidates. Some examples include allowing them to easily schedule interviews and send automated reminders.

Advanced software can even integrate with your calendar. This means that candidates themselves are able to select the time and date of their interview from available appointments. This can help ensure that candidates are engaged throughout the hiring process, while reducing manual tasks for your hiring team. 

Data analysis

By collecting and analyzing data on the hiring process, you can gather insights into your recruitment tools, strategies and candidate pools. This can help inform data-driven decisions based on information like what job listings are attracting candidates. Over time, this can allow you to optimize your hiring processes based on your goals.

Why technology is important in recruiting

In today’s digital age, technology has become an essential tool for businesses of all sizes. This is especially true for in recruiting and hiring, where technology can help provide: 

Increased efficiency

Recruiting software can help small businesses streamline the hiring process, allowing them to save time and resources. This can help them compete with larger companies that have more resources to devote to recruiting.

Improved candidate experience

By providing a more positive candidate experience you can experience improved hiring and retention rates. Shorter applications, text-to-apply options and a faster hiring timeline can all help contribute to a positive candidate experience. This can be especially important in industries with high turnover rates, where you are constantly moving applicants through your hiring funnel. 

Ability to reach a wider audience

Recruiting software can help small businesses reach a wider audience of potential candidates, through the use of job boards. With one click, you can post jobs across multiple sites, diversifying your applicant sources

Recruiting software drives measurable results

Integrating technology into the hiring funnel has been shown to have a range of measurable benefits for small businesses. 

Decreasing turnover rates

Because technology like ATS software works to optimize recruitment processes like candidate screenings, the quality of hires tends to improve over time. As a result, companies may see a decrease in employee separations based on poor role fit. 

Solving labor shortages

Recruiting software can help small businesses find qualified candidates quickly, which can be especially important during periods of labor shortages. 

Reducing time-to-hire and time-to-fill

Reducing time spent hiring means new hires are able to get out in the field faster. This can affect contract coverage and client satisfaction. The average user of TEAM’s Kwantek solution, for example, hires 42% faster than the national average

Decreasing cost-to-hire

Recruiting software can also help small businesses reduce hiring costs. This includes cost-to-hire factors like advertising job openings, screening resumes, conducting interviews and onboarding new employees. 

“Using Kwantek has saved me at least 60% of my time,” said Yearwood. “The efficiencies we’ve been able to gain in both processes and time management has given us a lot of time back, especially those of us in the office who wear multiple hats. Because the software is so robust and can do so much, it helps bring even more value to the company’s bottom line by enabling us to redirect those time savings towards other needs.” 

How TEAM Software by WorkWave can improve your hiring process

Recruiting software can offer a range of benefits for small businesses. This includes:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Improved access to data-driven insights
  • Increased audience reach
  • Decreased hiring costs

By investing in recruiting software, small businesses can find the right candidates to help their business grow and succeed.

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