How to Earn Security Contracts by Better Showcasing Your Work

Earning security contracts is a part of the business, and it requires that companies showcase their work to stay ahead of competitors. In this highly competitive industry where private security guards are replacing police officers in several countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, winning business is key for security companies to survive.

Within the United States, market share concentration for the security industry is low. Specifically, the top four companies generate less than 40% of industry revenue, which means that the level of competition is low overall, but highest among smaller companies. 

Overall, for security professionals, price, brand recognition, service excellence and insurance coverage all play a role in industry rivalry. And since small businesses typically suffer the most from price rivalry, which is fierce and on the rise, better showcasing how your services stand out from the rest of the pack is a great way to ensure business in the future. 

Showcase your work through branding

At times, it is important to showcase cultural compatibility, business approach and company values to help ensure that potential customers view your company as well-rounded. Whether it is on your company website, in job applications or during the bid process, include personalized details about your business. Consider offering details that answer these questions: 

  • Is your company family-owned or is it a local business that is near the site? 
  • Does your business have any awards or achievements that you are proud of?
  • How long has your company been in business? 
  • What unique skill sets, expertise or strengths help your business thrive?
  • What are your core company values? And why do you feel strongly about those values?
  • How does your service delivery model allow your customers to make requests or report issues? What steps does your company take to respond to incidents on-site?

Continually winning more business is a crucial KPI for the long-term success of a company, and the following guide outlines key elements that every company should include within their security contract bids: Winning More Business in RFP Responses, Tenders or Bid Processes.

Clearly outline your pricing structure and value

Providing overly complex pricing for security services can deter customers because if people fail to clearly understand your pricing, they will be less likely to sign a contract. Instead, make sure your pricing is straightforward so clients can feel more confident agreeing to your terms. 

To ensure that your pricing system is easily understood, research your competitors and compare the rates that they are offering. Take a critical look at the security companies that you compete against and build on the pricing elements that work well while avoiding any issues that could cause confusion. 

Avoid hidden fees, vague language or costs that fail to add up. Instead, create a transparent pricing structure that evokes trust and avoids communication problems. While your security services may seem set in stone in regard to your price structure, describe in as much detail as possible what makes your business run smoothly and effectively. 

Whenever possible, show the steps your company takes to ensure both compliance and quality of service by providing hard evidence that shows your guards were performing their duties up to the agreed-upon standards. This will help customers better understand the value you provide. 

Take advantage of technology 

Modern technology can help businesses earn security contracts by helping them reduce costs, minimize risks and improve productivity, while also providing hard data to show measures were taken. For example, if you use software to monitor by exception for overtime before it happens, highlight this for customers to show your company is taking strides to remain in compliance.

Staffing is another challenge for security businesses. Customers will want to know if your existing team has the bandwidth to take on a new job — use software tools to answer these questions. With the right HR solution, a security company can hire faster and more efficiently by tracking an increased number of applications, processing resumes quicker, screening additional candidates and running background checks more efficiently.  

Showing potential customers that your company can reach a wider range of applications to ensure that the time to hire is as short as possible is especially important in high turnover industries like the security industry, as the customers you’re be working with may have experienced problems with staffing, due to turnover.  

How to find security contracts 

To continue earning security contracts, companies need to build relationships with new customers, set up long-term, repeat business and receive referrals upon successful completion of a contract. Confronting these issues takes better explaining costs, offering more value on propositions and taking advantage of valuable tech resources. 

TEAM Software offers real-world solutions and workforce management tools to help security professionals solve industry challenges. Schedule time to speak with one of our experts to learn more about how workforce management software software can help your business earn more security contracts.