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Business Analytics and Reporting

Business Analytics

Get more out of the data you already have in WinTeam with advanced business analytics tools. TEAM’s ERP solution has more than 100 standard reports and a dashboard that highlights key company metrics. Add on a custom Business Intelligence tool to achieve unparalleled insight. Business analytics tools help you transform the data in WinTeam and mine it for more value. Focus on opportunities, act and stay competitive.

Data for better workforce and operations management.

Business Analytics

More Value

Our business analytics tools help you mine WinTeam data to gain actionable insights and stay ahead of issues.

Business Analytics

Unlocked and

Don’t waste time with data configuration. Our business analytics tools come with preloaded reports, visuals and dashboards.

Business Analytics


Business analytics tools work with the financial, operations and workforce management data you already have.

Business Analytics

Get Information
You Want

Want to explore the data? Create custom reports and timely analysis yourself with Business Intelligence.

Business Analytics

See it for yourself.

Business Analytics

Insights: Visualize Your Data

Insights unlocks more value from the data you already have in WinTeam. See key performance indicators (KPIs) in easy-to-read charts and graphs. Review what matters to janitorial and security contractors from overtime, budgets, revenue and customer information. Stay on track with near real-time updates on financial and operations data. Make better decisions today with preloaded business analytics and reports. No configuration necessary.

Business Analytics

Business Intelligence: Seriously Smart, Surprisingly Simple

Business Intelligence, an advanced business analytics tool from TEAM, helps you dig into your WinTeam data. Use prebuilt reports and dashboards for at-a-glance analytics with the combined power of SAP® BusinessObjects™ and a WinTeam data warehouse. Slice and dice your data to create custom reports or schedule reports to run and share with key stakeholders automatically. This in-depth analysis can help janitorial and security contractors be proactive, see growth opportunities and make better business decisions.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics


WinTeam is a virtual gold mine of business data for janitorial and security contractors. And all that financial, operations and workforce information is in one holistic solution. Combine that with our business analytics tools, and you’ve got valuable insight that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Business Analytics
“We have been called ‘the biggest small business that you’ll ever meet’ because we do a lot of data mining to understand our business and what’s going on. WinTeam has all our business data. And for us, having the ability to get and manage that data and manipulate it easily through TEAM’s Business Intelligence tool is essential.”

Adam Steiner, Chief Operating Officer
Mister Kleen

Case Study:

Mister Kleen: Saving Time with Business Intelligence