Quality Assurance

TEAM’s Quality Assurance solution uses Checkpoints, or custom question-and-answer lists, to inspect buildings and job sites, evaluate processes or even gauge employee or customer satisfaction. Exceptional service, happy customers – that’s the (Check)point.

Deliver first-class service every time.

Our integrated Quality Assurance solution is a flexible, automated tool set with web and mobile features for employees and customers. Start your customer relationships with trust and transparency. Maintain them by delivering proof of your commitment to first-class service. Our integrated Quality Assurance solution makes it easy using a flexible Checkpoint system, customized rating scales and deficiency tracking.


  • Create Checkpoints, like inspections or surveys, with flexible templates
  • Add response options, such as yes/no or a rating scale
  • Define quality standards for each item
  • Link Checkpoints to jobs, groups of jobs or specific areas
  • Collect responses through web or mobile apps
  • See results instantly and resolve deficiencies
  • Share results with employees and customers
  • Use reporting tools to analyze trends





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