New Software Features and Updates: Year-End Wrap-Up

As 2023 comes to a close, professionals can still take advantage of new software features while ringing in the New Year. Software features and updates are designed to help users get the best experience. However, because cybercrimes are on the rise with over 422 million individuals affected by data compromises in 2022 in the US alone, many people may only associate software updates with preventing malicious threats.

New software features are a key defense against cyber threats. But they also contain valuable feature enhancements that encourage business growth. More specifically, business software updates for cleaning and security professionals can offer better proof of service on contracts, reduce employee turnover, help avoid scheduling problems and automate important operations.

In particular, business owners can stay abreast of TEAM Software product developments and enhancements. Learning about these software updates and mastering new features can be a step towards business growth in 2024.

Improving online payments

Online and ACH payments 

In 2022, our online payment add-on for WinTeam was launched to help businesses securely process credit card payments and automatically update accounts receivable records. Online payments and fees are automatically assigned to jobs and invoices in WinTeam. This helps provide accurate job costing without any manual reconciliation. 

This year, we’ve added the ability for your customers to pay their invoices via ACH payments by entering their bank account information instead of a credit card number. In addition to reducing overall processing fees, this feature eliminates the pain of manually matching up outstanding invoices to random EFT deposits on bank statements. 

This online payment add-on has also been enhanced to provide the ability to track a payment’s status in WinTeam. It tracks from submission to settlement or return, which can help business owners stay on top of their cash flow. 

Improving HR benefits & payroll


DailyPay is an on-demand pay provider that helps businesses provide their employees with early access to earned wages. This operates without creating any more work for payroll teams or disrupting existing payroll schedules. Instead of employees borrowing money from lenders that can create a cycle of debt, staffers can easily access money already earned. 

This WinTeam feature was originally launched for companies with over 400 employees. Beginning in 2024, this offering will be expanded to all WinTeam users. DailyPay has been introduced as part of an employee benefit package to help reduce turnover.  

Improving periodic checks 

SMS Response

The Periodic Check feature can ensure the safety of employees, especially security personnel or individuals working shifts alone. If a scheduled periodic check is missed, operation centers are alerted in WinTeam’s Post Watch module. Supervisors can also be alerted in the field. This lets employers follow up to ensure guards are safe and do not need additional support. 

This year, we added the SMS Response to Periodic Checks. The SMS Response feature lets employees respond to text notifications to close periodic checks without calling in or accessing the eHub Mobile app. Enabling SMS text messaging reduces the number of outbound calls necessary to check on remote employees by making it easier for employees to complete their periodic checks. 

With this new feature, supervisors can also access a log of all SMS messages sent to and received from opted-in employees and job phone numbers to help the back office troubleshoot missed messages in the field. Overall, these new features help reinforce the importance of timely communication, especially during emergencies. 

Improving proof of service

Work Ticket Enhancements

To help managers better allocate specific privileges to select staffers who help provide proof of service while at the job site, we created Work Ticket enhancements. This new feature gives assigned employees limited access in eHub – with editing privileges including marking tickets complete, adding notes and images, in addition to collecting customer signatures.

Additionally, we added the ability for users in WinTeam and eHub alike to attach files to work tickets. This gives businesses the ability to consolidate, collect and share information about a work ticket throughout its life cycle. Before, this information would get trapped in emails, offline or in other channels. Now, it can be easily accessed from the cloud by employees and customers alike based on their security setup.

Improving time to hire

Text to Apply

Now, candidates can find a job and then submit their application without creating an account from their smartphone or computer. This new implementation also has a Text to Apply feature, which gives applicants a quick, mobile-friendly option to send their contact information

In just a few minutes, applicants can supply their information for a hiring team to reach out to them. If businesses get contact information from applicants quicker, they may be able to hire faster. Paired with a new in-house built analytics solution, Insights, hiring professionals can enjoy easier usability and improved performance that helps them see trends in their hiring data. 

Future software features and product roadmap

Businesses are often targeted by cybercrime. An estimated 83% of organizations experienced more than one data breach during 2022. That makes software features and product updates a valuable line of defense. However, new features and software updates aid business owners in a variety of other ways. 

TEAM Software by WorkWave is dedicated to providing security and cleaning professionals with software tools and product roadmaps. With these features, businesses have the resources to grow and thrive. 

The above list is a recap of the software features released in 2023. However, there are a number of upcoming features and enhancements on our product roadmap. Do you have an idea to share? Make sure you submit it now to our idea portal. Or, if you’d like to find out more information about existing features and TEAM Software products, schedule a demo with one of our team members.