Text Recruiting: Why You Should Text Job Applicants

Text messaging has become a standard, universally used method of communication, which means it’s time for companies to include texting in recruitment channels and hiring processes.

For most people, text messaging is a huge part of their everyday lives. In many cases, it has eliminated phone calls altogether. Many people now prefer text messages to phone calls – especially because of scam callers, which regularly plague billions of people.

While text messaging was once seen as informal and daunting for HR professionals in the cleaning and security industries, it is a much more widely accepted and professional form of communication that can drastically improve a hiring team’s efficiency.

Why text recruiting is effective

With modern software, using a personal cell phone to send text messages to applicants is unnecessary. An integrated workforce management system will be compatible with a two-way texting service or text recruiting platform, allowing you to send text messages to candidates just like you would send an email. 

For your hiring manager, the process of using a two-way texting service integrated with a workforce management system is the same as sending emails. But for candidates, it is a far easier method of communication. Oftentimes, candidates are easier to reach via text. Other benefits to texting include: 

  • Better engage candidates, who generally read and respond to texts immediately 
  • Easily translate information between languages via text, as opposed to a phone call
  • Applicants are sending multiple applications on job boards in seconds, so reaching candidates faster increases the likelihood of attracting qualified candidates
  • Remain in compliance with government regulations concerning business messaging

Integrated text recruiting 

To begin using text recruiting, businesses can create phone numbers in the settings option of their application tracking system. Those companies can also add a text code, so the opportunity is job-specific. And that code can be advertised online, such as via social media, which allows applicants to text a code to the company to start their application.

After that, applicants will answer a series of questions, such as their first and last name, phone number, email address, home address and zip code. At the end of the prompts, applicants receive a thank you message and are added to that job opportunity pool as a prospect, which is similar to a sales lead. 

Although the company will have the basic information of the candidate on file, the candidate will still need to complete the full application. But the client is saved in the system, which minimizes duplicate information and multiple entries. The prospect will get sent a link to fill out the completed application with their initial details on file, which saves time for both parties.

Text message guidelines for recruiting

While it’s clear text messaging can play a critical role in your recruitment process, there are important guidelines to follow to maximize its effectiveness:

  1. Don’t ignore other communication channels. While texting is extremely popular and effective, there are still others who prefer the more traditional means of communication. Use texting as an additional written communication channel. If your candidate proves more responsive to texts than emails, then you may exclusively text for simple communication.
  2. Introduce yourself. Your candidate does not have this number in their phone, and “signatures” are for email. Introduce yourself right off the bat in the first text message, and clearly state your name and your company.
  3. Keep it simple. Brevity is one of the biggest reasons texting is so popular, so get straight to the point and keep the message as simple as possible. For example: “Hi, this is Lisa with Sparkle Clean Co. We reviewed your application and would like to schedule a phone interview. Are you available Tuesday at 2PM?”
  4. Send Reminders. In the cleaning and security industries, applicants have notoriously high no-show rates for interviews. Text messaging is the very best way to ensure they see the reminder for their upcoming interview.

Text recruiting software and WFM systems

Text messaging is here to stay, and it can be a critical component of your communication strategy in your recruitment process. It shows candidates you’re interested in their engagement and that you make use of technology to help them do their jobs. And if texting job applicants helps you attract better talent faster, it can give you an advantage over your competition.

Text recruiting software and integrated workforce management systems can work together to help attract top talent while adding to the candidate experience. Increase your response rate to job openings with a cost-effective tool designed for talent acquisition. Spend a few minutes with TEAM Software experts to learn more about modern recruitment marketing and available tools to text candidates.

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