Advent Security Guard Services: Improving the Efficiency and Quality of Guard Services


When implementing Lighthouse, Advent had the following objectives in mind:

  1. Improve security and safety standards by capturing officer movements and reduce the number of missed shifts.
  2. Eliminate inefficient paper processes such as recording tasks, incidents, audits and daily logs.
  3. Improve incident and issue response times through real-time recording and notifications.
  4. Improve visibility, efficiency and quality of security services using real time cloud-based maps and reports.


Australian-owned Advent Security has been a leader in providing exceptional, value-added service to local, national and international clients in the public and private sectors since 1990.

Advent Security delivers on their motto, Excellence in Security, through innovation, efficient and effective management tools and processes, and high levels of communication. They have the expertise needed to deliver the best security solutions for their clients.

Advent Security implemented Lighthouse at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia. St. Vincent’s has over 5,000 staff and 880 beds across four campus locations and the security of their properties and the safety of their staff and patients is paramount.

Solutions overview

To meet their objectives, the solution consisted of three key components:

  1. Bluetooth proximity beacons installed at crucial checkpoints across all campus locations.
  2. A security guard mobile app to track guard proximity to beacons, record security tasks and report issues.
  3. A cloud management console to view real-time location of guards and access comprehensive reporting.

How it works

The Lighthouse mobile app is used by security guards and monitors location using GPS, Bluetooth beacons and QR codes. Location information is sent to the cloud in real-time and ensures compliance with security requirements.

The Lighthouse mobile app also allows guards to record tasks, submit issues and send messages. All data collected is translated into powerful reports that help improve the visibility, efficiency and quality of security services.


Advent Security achieved the following results in the first three months of operation:

  • Immediately improved compliance with standard operating procedures.
  • 64,912 visits to beacon checkpoints provided real-time view of all guard activity.
  • 622 security activity logs covering internal patrols, external patrols, perimeter checks, lock up procedures and staff requests all stored securely in the cloud.
  • 48 reported issues identifying hazards, maintenance issues, code responses and incidents, backed by real-time notifications.

Following these results at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Advent Security partnered with Lighthouse to deploy the solution more broadly to ensure they continue to deliver upon their promise — Excellence in Security.

“Lighthouse is setting the standard for mobile and cloud-based guard management software. It helps us provide transparency to our customers, and the reporting helps us improve the efficiency and quality of our guard services.” –  Justin Benney, Director, Advent Security