Engaging Your Distributed Workforce Through Technology

As a cleaning or security contractor with a distributed workforce, your employees span across cities, states and sometimes even at a global level. Holistic workforce management software can help keep your cleaners and guards motivated and engaged, no matter where they are working from. It can be easy to overlook the importance of connecting with your workforce – from management, to back-office staff, to cleaners and guards in the field – simply because of the variance in how often you’re able to interact with them face-to-face. A 2018 report from Harvard Business Review states that a truly connected workforce isn’t just about connecting employees through communication, but also establishing a connection between employees and the data or tools they need to bring insights and improved job performance into their day-to-day workflows.

So, how can you keep your employees, especially your cleaners or guards, engaged when so many of their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities are handled independently and offsite from a centralized office? Take a look at these pointers:

  1. Technology provides open communication channels
  2. Empower employees through technology-driven access
  3. Leverage technology as a tool to attract and keep your workforce
  4. Use technology that works in good times, and uncertain times

Industry-specific cleaning company software or security company software can help add value to your distributed workforce engagement. Instead of treating tech solutions as a lifeline, treat them as a necessary improvement to business operations and a proactive precaution against crisis. Treat an investment in technology as an investment directly into your frontline cleaners or guards. Once implemented, technology can be used to create open lines of communication, increase access to information and attract and retain talent. With the right tech solution, these are just the starting benefits. Once implemented appropriately, benefits like improved processes and cost savings can be leveraged across your entire business.

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