Merchants Building Maintenance: Juggling Multiple Demands with Tech-Stacked Software


By Keith Howard

As a family-owned and operated company with over 5,000 employees and branch offices in nine U.S. states, Merchants Building Maintenance is a larger-sized, janitorial and window cleaning business that needed support juggling multiple demands. 

To stay compliant in the state of California, where they are headquartered and quickly screen a revolving door of new applicants while meeting the needs of clients who expect high-quality service in different forms – Merchants Building Maintenance turned to TEAM Software by WorkWave. 

“My experience with TEAM has been incredible. I have been using TEAM’s helpline,” said Lindsey Livacich, Director of Business Development at Merchants Building Maintenance, who added that being able to call the helpline went a long way. Continue reading this short interview, where Lindsey shares how TEAM Software supported the company’s efforts: 

What has been the biggest success you’ve seen since adopting TEAM Software? 

“I would say Merchants’ biggest success using TEAM would be the ability to do a lot of our paychecks virtually. eHub has been a huge [differentiator] for us to do a lot of things, and we’re in the state of California. WinTeam does a great job of making sure all of our checks and everything that we’re doing is in compliance.”

How has TEAM Software helped with the growth of your company?

“Our ongoing growth with TEAM Software has been with Hire [by WorkWave]. We have 5,000 employees in nine different states. Having that piece and being able to use that has been very, very beneficial to onboard people who are not necessarily in the office. They don’t have to come into the office, and it makes the recruiting process a lot faster.”

How has TEAM’s industry-specific focus benefited your company?

“The ability to pay by-the-minute and then also bill by-the-schedule have been really helpful, because in the guarding world that happens – people are late, people don’t show up on time, but you still can’t bill that client for that overtime. Having that piece of the TeamTime with the enhanced reconciliation with the pay-to-the-minute/bill-to-the-schedule has helped with the compliance side of making sure you’re not rounding or anything. Again we’re in the state of California, so compliance is really important. So, that piece has been super helpful.” 

What processes can you now automate with TEAM?

“We definitely are now going into the onboarding process with Hire, which has pushed us to do online enrollment. Doing online enrollment is helpful. We’re not collecting paper, we’re able to do a lot of different states at one time. We’re really utilizing that online piece of the open enrollment and medical benefits as well.” 

How does using TEAM ultimately benefit your clients?

“A lot of our clients request invoices that are separate from medical versus labor versus additional pieces. Being able to do that in TEAM is so beneficial, because we’re not sitting there having to export it, create different PDFs, all of the individualized invoicing can be done from the software, which makes my clients super happy.”