Mister Kleen: Saving Time with Business Intelligence


In an industry with tight margins, like the janitorial industry, saving time and reducing overhead are essential ways to keep costs low. Through the shared data in TEAM Software’s industry specific ERP and the integrated business intelligence tool, Mister Kleen, a Virginia-based commercial cleaning company, can go beyond simple reporting of past transactions and create insightful reports that combine data from different parts of the system into meaningful, timesaving solutions that offer more visibility into the business.

For building service contractors, what’s the biggest benefit of using WinTeam, TEAM Software’s enterprise-level software system? For Mister Kleen, a high-security commercial cleaning company based in Virginia, the short answer is: data. 

Specifically, the integrated business intelligence (BI) tool has given the company a better way to get more out of the organizational data already in WinTeam. “We have been called ‘the biggest small business that you’ll ever meet’ because we do a lot of data mining to understand our business and what’s going on,” said Adam Steiner, Mister Kleen’s Chief Operating Officer. “WinTeam has all our business data. And for us, having the ability to get and manage that data and manipulate it easily through TEAM’s BI tool is essential.”

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