Win (and Keep) Business with Security Guard Software

Land security bids by bringing more value to your clients with security company management software.

In an industry where lowest bid technically acceptable wins the contract, it’s important any software solution in your business mix delivers real value to your clients.

The right software solutions can make your business more efficient and give you the tools to make smarter business decisions. Once you’ve achieved tighter workflows and productivity, your efficiencies gained can equal two things: improved profitability and added value you can pass on to your clients. The harder part is securing those contracts in the first place, so you can deliver value down the line.

Before implementing a software solution into your security operations, ask yourself this important question: “What value can this bring to my contracts?”

How to add value to your security company’s business proposal

Your clients have a lengthy list of reasons why they’re contracting your security guard company’s services. It’s important to consider their needs just as much as you’re weighing your own. We’ve compiled a list of common needs your potential clients are looking for when weighing proposals, and how the right software solution can help address them.

Client need: qualified guards on site.

Guards are trained to manage different types of security. The types of certifications required of security guards vary based on region or state, specific client needs and the needs of the job site. The qualifications for an event security guard may differ from a patrol guard monitoring a shopping center, for example. Regardless, your clients need to ensure guards with the right qualifications are filling the needs of their contracts in order to create the safest and most secure environment possible.

How the right software solution adds value: Workforce management solutions ensure that someone with the right qualifications is assigned to onsite work. It can record and track certifications of officers and send notifications to supervisors when certifications are due to be updated. This, combined with scheduling software features, ensure contracts are always staffed with the right skillsets.

Client need: reduce liability and risk.

Almost all companies, regardless of industry, shoulder the responsibility of welfare for individuals on their premises for any reason. Your security business bears a portion of that burden and the security guard software used lessens onsite risk.

For example, negligent or inadequate security (especially when resulting in injuries) can result in legal consequences. A reputable security company can help mitigate liability and risk.


How the right software solution adds value: Different location tracking technologies can monitor where (and when) a guard is onsite. Daily shift reports, supported by rich media capture (like photos or video recordings of patrol checkpoints) help provide visibility and quality assurance. And, follow-up reporting can be automated so clients are always in-the-know of what’s happening on their premises.

Client need: communication, response times and customer service.

If there is an incident on site, your client needs it to be resolved appropriately and quickly. It’s likely they don’t have the time, equipment or expertise to handle incidents on their own. That’s why they need professional security companies who can help ensure safety and security.

How the right software solution adds value: Workforce management solutions with mobile-friendly communication tools ensure you’re always in contact with your officers, no matter how spread out their patrol routes. You should be able to send quick messages (think texts, emails, or phone calls) securely to individual officers, or to larger teams. If an incident arises, software can help support situational safety through easy-to-access duress alerts and emergency communication automations for quicker resolution. With a customer portal and reporting capabilities, you can provide clients with regular updates, activity logs, incident reports and inspections.

Client need: reputation and proof of service.

From single-building office units, to events, to high-security locations, your clients have specialized requirements for each site they manage. The one thing every scenario has in common is that they need responsive, reputable and trusted security services protecting their assets.

How the right software solution adds value: Software can’t do physical security tasks for you. It can help improve quality and consistency. Software solutions help eliminate manual processes so you can manage your time more effectively. It eliminates fraudulent timekeeping practices (like buddy punching), ensuring billable work is accurate and transparent. It can decrease your overhead and help keep your prices competitive. And, it proves it’s delivering in all of these areas through reporting and analytics tools. Simply put, software solutions help support your reputation as a quality security guard company by giving you the right tools to get the job done better, every time.

Client need: cost-effective services.

Your clients need quality work at the most competitive price. It’s likely they don’t care what software you’re using to get the job done ­– they only want to know that it’s done right and at a cost that fits within their budget.

How the right software solution adds value: Any solution you implement needs to deliver enough value to outweigh the additional overhead cost it creates. Software can help by consolidating multiple aspects of your business into one platform.

For example, a software solution that combines your operations, financials and workforce management under one platform ensures accurate invoicing and billing for your clients. Reporting features help promote continuous improvements. Scheduling and time and attendance features ensure your workforce is at the right location at the right time, where work and exception reports can be continuously monitored.

All of that data working together in one system helps drive efficiencies to your bottom line, meaning you can more competitively bid contracts. Your customers win by gaining the best quality of service at the best price. It’s a win-win.

How to stand out in the competitive security industry.

Adopting a software that improves the quality of work your security company completes, as well as the time and expense it takes to do it, can help your clients differentiate you from your competitors. Treat your software the same way you do the other assets in your company.

The same way you match the right officers to the right job sites, you should use the software that brings your clients the most value. In an industry where the lowest bid often wins a contract, it’s crucial you show your clients how the software you’ve invested in ultimately pays off for them.

Use this list as a starting point for your contract proposals and negotiations. Once your clients (and potential clients) see the value software is bringing to their business, your security company will reap the rewards.