Using Workforce Management Software for Vaccine Tracking

How to make the most out of flexible and adaptable technology for your business in a changing world.

If anything is clear from the past few years, it’s the need for technology solutions to be flexible. Software must adapt as new requirements come up, or else you’re stuck implementing new solutions at every turn. No one has the time, budget or — let’s face it — the energy for that.

Take the pandemic as an example. Employee health and safety standards continue to change along with public health and service contractor businesses need to collect information like temperatures and other symptoms. Contract tracing is also still a consideration for your scheduling and workforce management. More layers are being added to site assessments and inspections, and proof of service has never been more important to clients. It’s a lot to work through. (We know, we wrote the book on it…or at least this handy guide.)

It’s more important than ever to take a hard look at what solutions make up your tech stack. Then, see what needs you’re missing, and brainstorm how to fill those gaps. A prime example we’re hearing from the industry right now? Tracking COVID vaccines.

Stay in Compliance

There’s a lot of talk about what’s required for businesses when it comes to employee vaccination policies. Baseline standards you can follow to keep you in compliance include:

Can an employer mandate COVID vaccines?

  • Guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) indicates that a mandatory vaccination program is not prohibited under federal anti-discrimination laws but must account for potential accommodation obligations and other legal nuances.
  • Employers need to accommodate an employee’s sincerely held religious belief or disability. Employers also need to be aware of the latest guidance with respect to accommodations and the interactive process to ensure they are complying with their legal obligations.
  • We can expect more litigation in this area, especially as more employers implement mandatory vaccination policies.

What does this mean for security companies and cleaning companies?

It means a lot of work. You’re having to figure out how to track vaccinations and boosters. That’s on top of regular compliance to labor laws and regulations.

Even if an employer doesn’t institute a vaccine mandate, you may be serving customers who do. That means your guards or cleaners onsite still need vaccinations. It’s all further complicated by not knowing how long these guidelines could last and at what level they may or may not be enforced.

This is where technology can come in handy. It may require some creative thinking, but adaptable solutions can save you some headaches. For example, if you’re needing to meet the standards of the current Department of Labor or OSHA recommendations, you could use your solutions at hand for COVID-related messaging. Things like SMS texting or mobile timekeeping solutions can gather information like vaccine data. Use mobile forms in new ways to ask your employees things like:

  • Are you experiencing COVID symptoms?
  • Have you tested for COVID in the past xx days?
  • Have you completed weekly testing?

This helps you track the health of your workforce and identify gaps in schedules caused by COVID.

Pro tip: Often, messaging solutions require users to opt-in to receive messages. Make sure you discuss this during onboarding and outline the benefits of doing so.

If you’re implementing a vaccination policy and you need to track status, you could look into the compliance tools in your solutions. For example, holistic workforce management solutions like WinTeam have a compliance tracker module.

You could set up compliance codes for every type of vaccination option, similar to how recertification tests are set up. This could include things like:

  1. Vaccine dose 1
  2. Vaccine dose 2
  3. Booster
  4. Weekly testing

Compliance codes can be configured so the right people are able to see which employees are compliant with which standards to help with visibility and management.

Answering the ‘what’ of vaccine tracking.

In a situation like this where we don’t know what’s temporary and what’s here to stay long-term, it makes sense to use what you already have.

If you have specific needs related to vaccine tracking, be sure to reach out to your account manager from your technology partner. But be prepared to answer this question when you do: “What exactly are you needing to track?”

If you have a clear outline of the ‘what’, chances are your tech partner can help deliver the ‘how’.

*Please note that this blog is not legal advice or a political opinion. TEAM Software is dedicated to ensuring our software solutions meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. While we’re committed to keeping you informed, it’s important to do your own research and consult your own legal advisors with specific questions or concerns.