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TeamTime: Integrated Time
and Attendance Software.


Automate processes, control labor costs and manage your distributed cleaning and security workforce with WinTeam’s add-on time and attendance software. TeamTime makes time and attendance information immediately ready for payroll, invoicing and reporting, so you spend less time fussing with data and more time on high-value activities.

Time and Attendance Software for Any Site with TeamTime


Telephone Timekeeping

TeleTeam is our IVR software that requires just a telephone, designated phone number and an employee ID number. Employees clock in and out in a matter of seconds and their location is verified with Caller ID. It’s simple and flexible and features voice verification and multiple language options.


Mobile Timekeeping

TeamTime for Mobile lets your employees use their mobile device to clock in and out with GPS verification to confirm employee location. Since TeamTime for Mobile is part of our self-service mobile app eHub, employees can leverage other job-related tools on their phone or tablet and you can enjoy the productivity that comes with on-the-go workforce management.

Manage Employee Time and Attendance with Ease

TeamTime has tools that help you confirm your employees are on site and on time. Address attendance issues immediately to ensure you cover all shifts and job sites. Manage attendance, set travel-time parameters and clock in/out tolerances to keep labor costs in check. Set up alerts via email, voicemail or text to notify you of issues like tardiness, absenteeism or Caller ID mismatch.

  • Access real-time attendance information
  • Get labor cost-control measures, like travel-time parameters and clock in/out tolerances
  • Use self-service tools to monitor, edit and approve timekeeping records for payroll
  • See comprehensive reports on time and attendance records
“One job site was bid and budgeted for nine cleaners. Our investigation indicated that the area manager had only seven employees, plus two ghosts who cost the company almost $250,000 alone. This all could have been prevented by using TeamTime. I would hate to see this happen to another contractor.”

Tom Wilkinson, President Advantage Maintenance
Cleaning Contractor | USA

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