Four Tips to Better Manage Your Janitorial Contractors

Find the right janitorial tools to improve visibility and streamline processes for your cleaning business.

As a janitorial contractor managing a distributed workforce, you face a unique set of challenges like lack of visibility into your sites and manual and inefficient processes. On top of that, thin margins, high labor costs and intense competition are always top of mind. So, here are four tips to better manage your janitorial contractors with workforce management software.

1. Use your scheduling tools effectively.

As a janitorial contractor, you need to make sure you’re getting the most out of your scheduling software. Whether you’re scheduling one-time or reoccurring project-based work, you need a solution that can manage your work tickets easily from onsite or in the back office. Your scheduling solution should be flexible and use integrated data. This way, you can manage billing and payroll with your customers and cleaners based on real-time, accurate reports of performed work.

2. View the field with real-time positioning and live maps.

You work in a fast-paced world, and you need to know what’s going on at your sites at all times. Your customers trust you to get work done when they need it done. Use a solution that offers continuous tracking of cleaners using GPS, QR Codes, near-field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth positioning. Having your cleaners carry mobile devices and leveraging mobile applications help manage workforce efficiency and provides supervisors a way to continuously monitor movement and work, ensuring cleaners are at the right location at the right time.

3. Simplify your work management with mobile forms and activity reports.

As a janitorial contractor, you have a mix of recurring contract work and nonrecurring projects, so you need software that can handle both. Use a solution that can capture activity logs, incident reports and inspections via simple mobile forms. If you use a system that gives you alerts when scheduled tasks, checks or rotations are missed, you can improve your service delivery and customer satisfaction.

4. Maximize quality assurance to improve customer satisfaction.

You can also improve customer satisfaction through your solution’s quality assurance tools, which can include completing inspections, checking for deficiencies and being able to quickly identify issues and act to resolve them. Maximize quality assurance by generating reports that can be viewed and analyzed internally, as well as provided to your customers as proof of service and performance as a client retention and satisfaction tactic.

Your business management software should work for you to make your job easier and assist you in providing the top-notch service your clients expect. Ensure you’re leveraging all its available tools to most effectively manage your janitorial business and to overcome industry challenges. Want even more tips to better manage your janitorial contractors? Download our complete quick guide, Seven Tips to Make Managing Your Distributed Janitorial Workforce Easier.