Triad Service Solutions: Cutting Time Spent Hiring by 60% Using Hire by WorkWave

Using an integrated applicant tracking system, hiring and onboarding software to reclaim valuable resources

The overview

A system to support applying through hiring

Commercial cleaning and facilities management companies experience 200% annualized turnover in their cleaning workforce.

The industry is experiencing: 

  • Rising costs to hire
  • Growing efforts to retain 
  • Steep labor shortages

Founded in 1977, Triad Service Solutions is a leader in facility maintenance, serving malls, hospitals, schools, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and more. The company prioritizes using the latest technology to drive down costs for their clients to maintain their facilities. With that same mindset, the company turned to improving their own back-office systems. 

To help tackle the growing list of challenges in hiring, they implemented Hire by WorkWave, an applicant tracking, hiring and onboarding software from TEAM Software by WorkWave. 

The challenge

Simplifying processes for faster hiring

Previously, Triad was using paper applications to manage every step of the hiring process. Not only did that mean a lot of time spent creating, sharing and chasing down paperwork  – it also led to more manual work when it came to digitizing and recording files.

“Before Hire by WorkWave, we used paper applications, which was very, very time consuming,” said Triad Service Solutions HR Generalist Nallely Yearwood. “On top of managing paper files and information, I would have to manually transfer all information into an applicant tracking system if a candidate was applying on paper.” 

The solution

Using Hire by WorkWave to simplify and speed up hiring. 

Hire by WorkWave is an applicant tracking solution that brings every step of the recruitment process into a single software solution. It improves the quality of hires using selection targeting and screening features. It strengthens the hiring pipeline with job board postings and hiring source data. It automates follow-up and interview tasks for HR and hiring staff. 

Once implemented, Triad has made their hiring workflow more efficient by: 

  • Tracking applications
  • Reviewing work history
  • Reviewing resumes
  • Screening candidates
  • Running background checks
  • Moving new hires into onboarding

“It’s made the process so much easier and quicker from application to hire,” Yearwood said. “Typically, there are steps in the process where you have to outsource – especially when talking about background checks.” 

Measurable results

Saving at least 60% of HR’s time

On average, Hire by WorkWave users hire 42% faster than the national average. That equals 15 days of time savings gained back during the hiring process alone. 

For Yearwood, this meant countless hours of time gained she could redirect to other high-priority tasks.

“Using Hire by WorkWave has saved me at least 60% of my time,” said Yearwood. “The efficiencies we’ve been able to gain in both processes and time management has given us a lot of time back, especially those of us in the office who wear multiple hats. Because the software is so robust and can do so much, it helps us bring even more value to the company’s bottom line by enabling us to redirect those time savings towards other needs.”