Brosnan Risk Consultants: Achieving Scalable Growth Without Growing Support Staff

Customer Overview

We interviewed Director of Applications and Business Intelligence at Brosnan Risk Consultants, Jon Torbick, about their experiences using WinTeam, TEAM Software’s ERP workforce management solution. Their story highlights the effort of growing operations, without commensurately increasing support staff behind-the-scenes.

“We’ve been using TEAM Software services for about three and a half years now,” said Jon. “At the time leading up to us looking at an ERP solution, we were experiencing tremendous growth — triple digit growth — year after year and we got to a point where our existing technologies, our existing processes, weren’t cutting it anymore.”

What challenges were you hoping to address with TEAM Software?

“The initial challenge was around our field security officers, particularly around scheduling them. We had expanded into several thousand security officers and a thousand-plus customers. We were struggling to be able to identify which security officer could work with which job. Were they already working another job? Were they in overtime?”

What were some of the immediate benefits of adopting WinTeam?

“We were able to quickly realize some benefits around ensuring our officers are clocked in and making sure they’re clocked out, and then all the changes that occur to the schedule. You know, no shows, people that are late, supervisor standing post, making sure that we could capture all of those changes and then funnel them downstream to cut client invoicing as well as issuing accurate payroll.”

What is your experience with the scalability of TEAM Software solutions?

“Our biggest success would certainly be the fact that we came to TEAM with a challenge. We were not able to obtain scalable growth. We were growing rapidly but we were equally growing our support staff. After utilizing TEAM Software for a few months, we were able to continue that growth trajectory. However, we were now able to have it be a lot a better ratio between hiring security officers versus a back of the house employees.”

How does TEAM Software impact the service you provide your customers?

“Now that we have TEAM and we’re utilizing it successfully, we’re able to engage with our customers on value-added discussions. As opposed to merely dealing with X amount of security officers at this location, we can start to discuss more around what type of services do you want, what type of services we can offer, and shifting the type of service that we offer to be custom fit to their needs.”

Describe your experience with our team.

“The software is just one component. The support is very important to us and we’ve been thrilled with the support that we’re getting from TEAM. It doesn’t matter if we’re calling someone on the help desk, our customer success manager, a product manager, all the way up to the president, everyone at TEAM is just very helpful, very friendly, very knowledgeable, and ultimately, there to help us grow our business.”