Adaptability on the Front Line

As is the nature of pandemics, many of the changes they bring about are profound and lasting. The effects of these changes have been seen particularly in the support services sector, where functions such as cleaning and security are on the front line of the battle to control and mitigate the effects of the virus.

We put together a high-level overview of six ways the pandemic reinvented support services, including:

  • Micro-Engagements and Smaller Contracts

  • Flexible Work
  • Cleaning Has Become More Flexible

  • Security Is Now Meet-and-Greet

  • New Opportunities for Temporary Staff

  • Greater Appreciation of Front-Line Workers

These trends all emphasise the growing importance of having the right partners and solutions in times of crisis, and beyond. Even when times are good, support service businesses operate on small profit margins. When times are turbulent, streamlining and connecting your core business functions is even more important, as is partnering with IT and technology providers who understand and can anticipate your industry and business needs.

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