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Temporary Recruitment Software That Enhances Your Margin and Increases Your Efficiency In Real Time.

Temporary Recruitment Software

For agencies looking to get the most from their temporary staff, TEAM offers a cloud-based workforce management solution that streamlines and automates everything from complex scheduling, geofenced time and attendance to handling multiple pay rates, compliance and employee engagement.

Stemming from front-line industries, where workforces are operating on slim margins, for over 30 years TEAM has developed a rich feature set to provide the tools to handle complex customer requirements and challenges in order to operate successfully and profitably.

Maximise Your Agency Through a Best in Class Software Partner

Maximise Margin

Real-time clocking in and out via flexible formats gives you the power to pay actual hours worked as opposed to scheduled hours, while still being able to bill the contracted times.

Increase Efficiency

Mass levels of automation and exception management rules translates to your operations and payroll staff performing significantly fewer manual processing tasks, instead they will only need to deal with duties the system highlights where a decision needs to be made.

Stay Compliant

Full absence management, holiday accrual, qualification management and right to work functionality automation keeps you compliant at scale.

Improve Retention

Through tools like our employee portal, working with your company can become easier and more efficient than working with a competitor, as processes like holiday requests, diary access, available work, change in personal information, general queries and custom options are easily accessed & managed in an online self-service portal.

Gain Full Control & Transparency Over Service Delivery, Contract & Business Performance and HR

Demonstrate the High Levels of Service Provided by Your Workforce

Ensure customers have increased confidence in your temps ability to deliver quality service by conducting regular audits and inspections. These measures help track performance and address service issues proactively before they escalate. Utilise a connected frontline to back-office solution, which can effectively manage your workforce, enabling you to stay informed about temp punctuality and performance, ensuring tasks and services are completed professionally and within your budget.

Have Total Clarity on Operational and Financial Performance

With multiple standard reports, as well as the ability to build bespoke reports through Business intelligence tools, TEAM utilises a centralised data warehouse that lets you access your data according to your needs. From individual temp or contract performance and business center profitability reports to customer-facing tailored KPI reports, TEAM helps you to analyse your business performance as well as demonstrate your value to your customers to set you apart from your competition by strengthening your ability to retain clients and win new ones.

From Hire to Retire, Ensure Every Stage of The Employee Lifecycle is Delivered Seamlessly

Without ever leaving the TEAM database, our integrated applicant tracking system lets you successfully manage every employee stage including initial job postings, storing HR data (i.e. right-to-work documentation) and completing general HR tasks like qualification management.

Use our ROI calculator to find out how much you could be overpaying your temps by.

This figure represents a potential ROI on wages saved, not including additional back office efficiencies.

This calculator works on the assumption that temps work 5 days, a week 8 hours a day on minimum wage. TEAM Software would expect to measure processes or costs with a client before any savings can be verified. A detailed analysis is recommended.

See it for yourself.

Temporary Recruitment Software from TEAM

Discover the features of our unrivaled portfolio of recruitment software solutions. See how our technology can simplify operations and grow your business over time.

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