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Timegate Essentials


All the Essentials for Your Essential Business

We condense all the essential elements you need in an enterprise workforce management software into one core application. From information on your clients, employees and locations to workforce schedules, rosters and plans, Timegate Essentials is where streamlining your business begins.

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Time and Attendance Tools

Timegate Essentials gives you cost-effective options to track time and attendance. Telephone solutions offer enhanced caller line identification, caller validation, duress alarms, call forwarding, and automated employee chasing. Biometric tools include the latest 3D facial recognition technologies. Timegate Essentials captures your workforce data digitally and securely, eliminating fraudulent or misleading time and attendance activity and adding efficiency to your business.

Flexible Scheduling Options

With tight profit margins, we know having visibility over your scheduling is crucial to reducing overtime, controlling costs and budgeting accurately. Timegate Essentials focuses on management data like schedules and rosters, comparing them to real-world results and the contract requirements.  Timegate Essentials enables you to operate with flexibility no matter how much you know about the planned work and resources needed to do it.


Leverage Live Data

Timegate Essentials includes Call Monitor to help you monitor and manage your contract compliance and service delivery, and ensure the health and safety of your workforce while on site. Depending on your employee’s work profile and their level of risk in the field, you can set up check-ins (check calls) with automatic monitoring that can trigger alerts to you when the calls are missed. With real-time dashboards configured to track data and send alerts if needed, your business will be able to manage risk and compliance effectively.

Business Intelligence for the Intelligent Business

Data drives your business. With clear, user-friendly, up-to-the-minute dashboards and reporting capabilities, Timegate Essentials provides the information you need to mitigate risk, remain profitable and steer your strategy. Through standard intelligence, automations and reporting tools, Timegate Essentials provides insight into crucial aspects of your business.

“Through Timegate, we can ensure that every shift, every employee and every contract is delivered on time and to budget.”

Ian Crawford, Group Operations Manager
Gough & Kelly | United Kingdom


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