Use Customer Benefits to Attract new Customers

Add value to your contract bids with these customer benefits.

The software you use directly adds value to your clients. In industries where the lowest bid can often win the contract, it’s important to be clear and demonstrate the added value of your solution-backed services and customer benefits as early as your first formal bid.

How to make your bids competitive.

Although specific value is dependent on the exact solutions suite you’ve implemented, we’ve summarized basic workforce management software customer benefits and how they apply to your customers. That way, you can easily customize this kind of language into your proposal documentation based on how you’ve implemented the solution into your own operations.

1. Our solution-backed services maximize return.

We maximize your return on investment by optimizing overhead.

Workforce management solutions provide your management teams with the ability to review and optimize schedules and routes. With exception-based technology, we can even spot risk (like overtime) before it is scheduled, ensuring your contracts are being fulfilled on time and on budget. Combined with automated time and attendance features, we can easily validate employee location and track time worked for payroll, ensuring accuracy for every item billed.

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2. Our solution-backed services provide proof of service.

Through data and analytic-based reporting, we provide verifiable proof of services performed and the quality delivered.

Workforce management solutions use the best features of mobile technology to ensure work and shift requests are issued and completed in a timely manner. Through capabilities like checkpoints or audits, we’re able to track frequency and quality of services delivered against service level agreements (SLAs). These include a checks-and-balances type of approach towards quality assurance, with features like in-field signature verification from supervisors, photo and notes uploads, and reporting to showcase performance by location, jobsite or contract.

3. Our solution-backed services prioritize safety.

Through a combination of automated escalations, lone worker support, maintenance reporting, and hazard or incident management tools, we support safety at your job sites.

Workforce management solutions help identify potential areas of safety risk, from either outcomes of quality assurance tools or other reporting dashboards. Once detected, our field-based employees trigger a response that can automatically set a resolution course in action. This workflow can also include automatically notifying your teams of the situation so your management team can monitor response and resolutions in real time.

4. Our solution-backed services protect your data.

We house job information, time tracking, proof of service and reporting tools in our security-protected cloud-based systems.

Workforce management solutions enable our teams to have access to the most up-to-date job information and requirements no matter where they are located while on shift. As the client, you also have access to real-time information through self-service web portals. All data is held in the system and backed up at regular intervals in database servers separate from the web servers, ensuring your data security.

Customer benefits add value.

Are you looking for even more value you can add to your bids to help secure new business? Check out how to win (and keep) contracts with commercial cleaning software and security guard software. Or, reach out for a personalized demo, so we can customize the value based on your specific business needs. 

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Customer benefit examples in this blog include features across TEAM Software by WorkWave’s product portfolio. Specific benefits by product may vary depending on your specific software of choice’s feature set.