Mitie: Using Service Delivery Software to Stand Out in a Competitive Industry

The largest intelligence-led security company in the UK, Mitie, offers integrated, risk-based security solutions which include lone worker protection, guarding, fire and security systems, mobile security and more. Renowned for their use of innovative technology and intelligence, Mitie chose Servicetrac from TEAM Software as the service delivery software best suited to enable them to deliver exceptional security solutions to their clients. John Foster, Regional Director at Mitie, cites TEAM Software’s knowledge of Mitie’s processes, their experience and understanding of the security industry, and the Servicetrac solution as some of the main reasons why Mitie partnered with them.

“Servicetrac is used by our officers on the ground, completing patrols, key holding, attendances, etcetera,” said Foster. “They use the Servicetrac app to complete their tasks in real time and provide real-time reporting back to the customers. We find this really effective in reducing the number of queries that we get from customers.”

Foster added that by providing their security teams with live information, Servicetrac provides quick responses to resolving issues, and helps them do their jobs.

“Because they get real-time information down the PDAs, there are fewer phone calls for them to make and less chasing up on information from their perspective,” said Foster. “Our teams find the app very user friendly, and the amount of paperwork they previously had to have to deliver just isn’t there anymore.”

By enabling Mitie to access live information, service delivery software provides valuable management insight, which the staff uses to deliver an exceptional level of customer service to their clients. Mitie use the information to advise their customers and manage issues more effectively.

They’re able to identify where issues are, especially around the volume of activations at various premises, as well as the times of day they are occurring and trends as they emerge. It not only increases effectiveness in service delivery but reduces cost to the client as well. Servicetrac has proven to not only increase efficiency for the customer, but within Mitie too, by saving on time and resources. Servicetrac has rectified the issues Mitie were experiencing when using separate software systems by encompassing invoicing as well as workforce management.

“One of the previous issues we’ve had was that those two systems were separate and getting them to talk together meant a lot of manual processes,” said Foster. “We now have Servicetrac running from an end-to-end solution. We task an officer, that task is completed, the customer is updated, the customer is then invoiced and then the customer pays us. Everything runs through one solution and that works really well.”

Mitie operates from the UK with any incidents being managed by the control room in NorthernIreland. Servicetrac has allowed data to seamlessly integrate between the two sites. Work processes have become more streamlined since the implementation of Servicetrac and has also allowed the control room to regain focus, giving them the time and the crucial information to be able to effectively manage any incidents quickly and without distraction.

Servicetrac is helping Mitie continually evolve their service offering through providing greater innovation. And by understanding what it is their customers want from their security provider, Mitie is leading the way when it comes to customer service.

“The historic way of doing things in the security industry is around proof of presence tags,” said Foster. “We’re starting to find that there’s a move away from that now, and that customers really like photographs, especially around our vacant property inspections, as it enables the customer to identify the issue straight away.”

Foster said that sometimes descriptions don’t encompass an issue and a photograph is a key to that problem. “Because of the efficiencies and improvements in technology that we’ve found with Servicetrac, we’re now starting to use it as a marketing tool with our customers, and we’re finding that’s added value in our propositions for bids,” said Foster. “Innovation is huge to Mitie as a business and it’s very important to our customers.”

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