Choosing the Right Contract Cleaning Software

Industry sources have reported that choosing the right contract cleaning software is challenging for several reasons. First off, major cleaning companies, particularly those serving in the healthcare sector, experienced an uptick in demand during COVID-19, while many smaller to mid-sized cleaning companies saw their repeat business dry up during the lockdown. 

In addition to the cleaning industry being particularly competitive with regard to earning bids, the labour market is just as tough. Although hire and quit rates in the cleaning industry are beginning to normalise, the current job market remains tight for employers seeking qualified talent in comparison to the pre-pandemic job market.

These factors add to the complexity of choosing the right contract cleaning software, even though taking advantage of technology advancements is a proven strategy for businesses to remain competitive by earning more bids and keeping repeat business flowing. 

Scheduling features

Contract cleaning software with scheduling features helps better manage distributed workers. In particular, an integrated software solution that applies an all-inclusive approach can house multiple systems under one roof, while streamlining processes and minimising errors to better serve companies attempting to gain increased visibility. 

With an integrated software solution, it is possible to connect human resources, contract details, quality assurance tools and mobile access applications to improve daily scheduling tasks. This helps with reducing overtime, managing work hours and ensuring qualified staffers are on-site. 

Implementing a contract cleaning software solution provides increased visibility to better oversee multiple teams while making scheduling a more efficient process. Modern tech also supports businesses by making sure that scheduling-related contractual agreements are being met, which can improve the profitability of a company in the short and long term. 

Proof of service

Increased compliance regulations are contributing to additional client demands. Businesses are being asked to provide more visibility into how their cleaning contracts are performing. Additionally, customers want hard evidence showing that service procedures were met. 

Contract cleaning software with proof-of-service delivery supports the needs of business owners seeking to validate that proper measures were taken on-site. Proof of service also protects a company against liability issues, if an incident occurs. 

Choosing a cleaning software that provides proof of service will highlight which processes were taken, the timelines implemented and the equipment used. Once the work has been performed and recorded, that business data can be analysed. Reviewing and revising that type of information helps ensure that a company continues to improve on future cleaning services. 

Job costing and payroll processing

Company data helps improve efficiencies in a variety of ways. Most notably, big data helps with ensuring payroll is accurate and that a company is saving costs wherever possible. Cleaning companies that use job costing can track the cost of projects and jobs so that business owners know whether or not a job is profitable. 

The right contract cleaning software will have data and reporting tools that make it easier for the correct personnel to perform job costing. Understanding micro and macro level costs, such as labour, payroll taxes, supplies, liability insurance, fuel and vehicle maintenance gives management professionals key insights into true profitability.  

Taking the steps to confirm that each job is profitable is key to understanding if a business is cost-effective. Any inefficiencies can be further examined to reduce expenses, which will help a company continue to provide cost-effective cleaning services. 

Another way to control costs is by processing payroll in-house. An integrated solution helps companies share data across multiple channels. Once shared with the appropriate employees, that accurate information will help different departments. 

With the right software solution, payroll can be processed more efficiently while avoiding mistakes. For instance, a company using multiple payroll solutions may continue to pay a worker who has left the company. Another avoidable concern is when employee data is entered incorrectly into a system. Software solutions can help in both instances to benefit a company and make sure correct procedures are in place.

Communicating more effectively

Effective communication is key in most business situations. But when an incident occurs on-site, knowing as much as possible becomes the top priority. Supervisors need to know exactly what occurred and when it happened to communicate a resolution. In short, cleaning software that sends messages and automated responses for emergencies to support incident resolution. 

Cleaning contractors must mitigate risks associated with spills or falls. With the right software solution, information can be collected and recorded promptly. That data can be reviewed at a later date to ensure that proper channels are alerted promptly. This kind of information is also a valuable defense against liability issues. 

Cleaning software that offers mobile tools can give supervisors access to reports while workers are still in the field. Being able to access that kind of information can help with identifying areas of correction. Then communication tools are essential if appropriate actions need to be taken. 

Contract cleaning software and your business proposal 

Being successful in the cleaning industry involves winning bids and retaining those customers for repeat business. To ensure that’s the case, contractors need to find ways to improve workflows, become more efficient and increase productivity. 

Finding the right contract cleaning software involves partnering with a solution that helps add value to your business proposal. It also means increasing profits can be the difference between winning and keeping contracts versus the alternative. For information on how TEAM by WorkWave can help, set up a quick demo session with one of our experts.